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Permanent Staff

Professor Jacques ALBERT (Ph.D., McGill University 1988)           Contact information:
Canada Research Chair in Advanced Photonic Components                Department of Electronics
                                                                                                               Carleton University
                                                                                                              1125 Colonel By Drive
                                                                                                               Ottawa (Ontario) CANADA
                                                                                                               K1S 5B6
                                                                                                               (613)520-2600 x5578
 Co-Program Chair: Optical Fiber Sensors 2011.
 Co-Chair: Photonics North 2013

Technical program committee member:
  • Optical Fiber Sensors 2012, 2014 

For a complete list of journal publications, patents, and conference presentations, click tab above.

Staff Technologist:  Ms. Albane LARONCHE
Technical officer

Current students, Post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars

Yang ZHANG (Post-Doctoral Fellow, started December 2011)
Fiber grating pressure sensors for the oil and gas industry
Sandrine LEPINAY (Post-Doctoral Fellow, started May 2012)
Biochemical optical fiber sensors

Aleksander BELIAEV (M.A.Sc., started January 2008)
Metal-dielectric photonic waveguide structures
Lingyun XIONG (Ph.D., started September 2007)
Phosphate glass fiber laser cavities

Wenjun ZHOU (PhD, started January 2012)
Plasmonics of ultrathin gold nanoparticle coatings
Katherine BOCK (PhD started September 2012)
Biochemical recognition optical fiber device

Ruichao LI (M.Sc. started September 2011)
Fiber grating sensors

Milad A. DAKKA (M.Sc. started September 2012)
Fiber grating taps for visible light

Yan ZHOU (Visiting Scholar, started June 2013)

Past members of the group

Yanina SHEVCHENKO (Ph.D, 2012)
Surface Plasmon Resonance biochemical sensors on optical fibers
Now NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard

Ksenia YADAV (Ph.D, 2012)
Novel second-order nonlinearities in glass waveguides
Now R&D scientist, Enablence Corporation

Nina MAMAEVA (M.Sc. 2012)
Mode selection using Tilted Fiber Bragg gratings
Mohammad Zahirul ALAM (M.Sc. 2012)
Carbon Nanotube coated Tilted Fiber Bragg Gratings

Dr. TingTing SUN
(Research Associate, 2011-12)
Fiber grating sensors

Dr. Liyang SHAO (Post Doctoral Fellow, 2009-2011)
Fiber grating sensors

Christophe CAUCHETEUR (Visiting Fellow from Universite de Mons, July 2010)
TFBG Sensors

Guillermo VILLANUEVA (Ph.D. student from Valencia, SPAIN, May to August 2010)
TFBG devices for Fiber laser cavities

Yannick D'MELLO (B. Eng. student undergraduate researcher, May to August 2011)

Eduardo BARRERA (B. Eng., NSERC USRA, May to August 2010)
Fiber plasmonics
Dr. Qi JIANG (Visiting Scholar from Shandong University, started August 2009)
Fiber grating sensors

Dr. Peter KRUG Senior Research Scientist
Grating based optical fiber sensors

Dr. Chengkun CHEN (Ph.D. Carleton 2009)
Grating based optical fiber sensors
Dr. Dritan CELO (Ph.D. Carleton 2009)
Nanostructured film integrated optical gas sensors
Dr. Tuan GUO (Post-doctoral fellow, August 2007-July 2008)
Fiber grating sensors

Dr. Rodica ROGOJAN (Post-doctoral fellow, November 2006-June 2008)
Phosphate glass photosensitivity
Mr. Alexei IVANOV (M.A.Sc. Carleton 2007)
Optical fiber strain and bend sensors

Milad DAKKA (NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award)
Gold coated TFBG simulations

Mr. Amir JAFARI (M.A.Sc. Carleton 2006)
Optical fiber refractometer

Ms. Tongning WU (Coop undergraduate student, summer 2007 and May-December 2008)
Optical fiber sensors

Dr. Weijian WANG (Research associate, May-Dec 2006)
Integrated optical sensor interrogator

Mr. Jeff VERGE (Coop undergraduate student, May-December 2005)
Laboratory automation

Mr. Norman FONG (NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Assistanship, May-Aug 2005)
Optical fiber sensors

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