Within Carleton University:
  1. Chemistry Department, A. Ianoul, S. Barry, W. Willmore, and M. DeRosa 
  2. Electronics Department, W. Ye

Current collaborating institutions:

  1. Universite de Mons, C. Caucheteur
  2. Institut National d'Optique, P. Galarneau
  3. Steacie Institute, National Research Council of Canada, B. Simard
  4. Jinan University, T. Guo and B.-O. Guan
  5. Townes Laser Institute, University of Central Florida, A. Schulzgen

Our sponsors :

Agencies and programs :
    1. NSERC
    2. CFI
    3. OCE
    4. CIPI
Private sector: Weatherford, Spartan Biosciences, more to come....