Recent news in the Advanced Photonic Components group

January 2014:
  • Our review paper published in Laser & Photonics Reviews was the most cited of all the articles published in 2013: 
    • see Fuchs, G. W. (2014), A new look – making the best of your work. Laser & Photon. Rev., 8: A11–A12.    doi: 10.1002/lpor.201480015 

  • Ruichao successfully defended his thesis!
December 2013:

  • Ruichao Li will be defending his M.A.Sc. thesis on January 10th, 2014.  Good luck Ruichao!
  • Wenjun's paper on the optical properties of CVD gold coatings on fibers has just been accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.  This work is done in collaboration with Prof. Barry's group (Carleton Chemistry).  Wenjun is now preparing for his PhD comprehensive exam, to be held in early 2014
  • Sandrine's paper on the detection of biomolecular binding with a metal nanoparticle assisted tilted FBG will be published in Biosensors & Bioelectronics in 2014.  This work is co-supervised by Prof. Ianoul (Carleton Chemistry)
  • An invited paper fiber optic aptamer sensors by J. Albert, S. Lepinay and Prof. Maria DeRosa (Carleton Chemistry) has been published in Methods in the Fall of 2013
  • A visiting scholar, Yan ZHOU, is spending the year in our lab. She is participating in a variety of projects, most recently the visualisation of carbon nanotube coatings on gold covered tilted fiber gratings.
  • Albane has returned from leave (with an expanded family!!) and is now busy running the lab and helping everyone with their prototypes and experiments.
  • Construction of the FANSSI Lab, adjacent to our Photonics lab, has started and will provide us with expanded opportunities in chemistry for our gratings.
  • Lingyun's paper on the photo-darkening of phosphate glass optical fibers under deep UV irradiation has been published in Optics Letters in October.  This is a collaboration with Prof. A. Schulzgen at the Townes Institute of the University of Central Florida.
  •  Jason Koppert has started to work on a TFBG biochemical sensor under the supervision of Prof. W. Willmore (Carleton Biochemistry), and in collaboration with Prof. Ianoul (Carleton Chemistry)
  • Pouyan Nasr is working with Prof. Chris Smelser (Carleton Photonics and Laser Technology program) on glass poling for nonlinear optics. They just got our new Genia pulsed fiber laser going at 1W of average power.
  • Upcoming conferences: Optical Fiber Sensors XXIII next June in Santander (SPAIN) and the OSA Congress in Barcelona next July in Barcelona (SPAIN), where the BGPP and Optical Sensors Topical meeting will be held.
  • Recent invited talks:  J. Albert (ECOC 2012 in Amsterdam, CLEO 2013 in San Jose CA)
  • Recent conferences: S. Lepinay (SPP6 2013 in Ottawa, BODA 2013 in Hawaii, Biosensors 2013 in Sitges (SPAIN)), Alex Bialiayeu (SPP6 and

February 2012: 

  • Dr. TingTing SUN, Visiting scholar from China returned home this week after one year in our group.  She did excellent work and we are planning to publish a paper soon on her more recent results.  Best of luck to TingTing!
  • Our review paper for Lasers & Photonic Reviews has been accepted for publication and is currently being typeset.
  • The last piece of work that Dr. Li-Yang Shao did with us has just been accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters: it deals with Four wave mixing in carbon nanotube coated TFBGs.  This work was made possible by a collaboration with Dr. Benoit Simard's group at the Steacie Institute of NRC.
  • Another recently accepted paper in Photonics Technology Letters will be published soon: this one deals with  a tunable fractional differentiator developed by Prof. Jianping Yao of the University of Ottawa that uses our TFBG technology.
  • All of these will be added to the Research output section of this blog as soon as they are published.
  • J. Albert has been invited to present two invited talks: one tutorial at the next Extreme Photonics workshop at the University of Ottawa (Spring 2012) and the other at the upcoming OSA Topical Meeting on Bragg Gratings Photosensitivity and Poling to be held in Colorado next June.
  • Finally we will soon welcome a new PhD student in our group, Wenjun Zhou, also from China, scheduled to arrive by the end of next week.

See our recent article in Optics and Photonics News (October 2011 issue) (here)

November 2011: J. Albert, Anatoli Ianoul, and Sean Barry are awarded  a NSERC Strategic Grant for "MOSAIC": Multi-parameter Optical Sensor Applications, Interfaces and Controls (see the tab on MOSAIC, above).

Yanina receives a grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science to spend two months in Professor Tamiya's group in Osaka in the summer of 2011.

Yanina receives a Technology Exchange Network grant from CIPI to go spend 6 months at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology in Boston to work on applying her fiber sensor probe to tissue engineering.
Recent conferences where group members presented their work:
    • IEEE Photonics 2011 (Arlington, Oct. 2011),
    • OSA Optics for Life Sciences in Monterey (April 2011),
    • SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing (Orlando, April 2011),
    • CLEO (Baltimore, May 2011),
    • CLEO-Europe (Munich, May 2011),
    • OFS-21 (Ottawa, May 2011),
    • Photonics North (Ottawa, May 2011),
    • OSA Congress on Optical Sensors 2011 (Toronto, June 2011)
We have been awared a CIF-ORF infrastructure grant worth 500,000$ to improve our experimental facilities.
The Canada Research Chair has been renewed for 7 years starting in January 2011.

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